Rest in Belarus

Rest in Belarus

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Rest in Belarus

Rest in Belarus will pleasantly surprise you. Since, unlike a number of European countries, this is where you can have a great rest, while spending not so much money. After all, it is the rest in the Republic of Belarus that you will remember for interesting places, landscapes and resorts, as well as for a low price policy.

Resorts of Belarus
Belarus is picturesque forests, hills, meadows, pristine rivers and lakes, which are practically untouched by civilization. For a very long time, powerful resort bases have developed and continue to develop in Belarus:

Minsk Region,
Sanatorium "Radon",
Bialowieza Forest,
Vitebsk region,
Berezinsky reserve,
Polesie State Radiation-Ecological Reserve.

Vacation with children
It is in these places that the best health centers have been created in the entire near abroad. In these places you can have a great rest both independently and with the whole family and even with small children.

Also in Belarus, systems of children's camps are actively developing, as well as sanatorium and preventive institutions in Minsk, Grodno and Gomel regions.

The best season to organize a vacation in the Republic of Belarus is the summer season. Although in other seasons you will remember and enjoy your vacation, because you need desire, good mood and calm thoughts without work and at home.

You can have a wonderful summer in Belarus. The very first task is to decide what exactly you want. You look at your preferences and choose the direction of rest that you like and enjoy the most.

June is the best month for lovers of excursions and excursion trips to beautiful and picturesque places, and it is also a great time for hiking. The sun is still not hot in June, the air still smells fresh, so this is the best time for excursions, you can safely be outside for a long time, and you will be both comfortable and good.

Sights and historical sites in Vitebsk, Minsk, Mogilev regions will delight any traveler.

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