Stryiskyi park in Lviv

Stryiskyi park in Lviv, photo and description Stryiskyi park attraction of Lviv, excursions to Stryiskyi park entertainment in Lvov, Stryiskyi park - the main attraction of Lviv

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Stryiskyi Park

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Stryiskyi park in Lviv

 Stryiskyi park is considered one of the most picturesque parks in Ukraine. This is one of the oldest parks of Lviv. Stryiskyi Park is a monument of landscape art of national significance.

 Located in the park in Stryiskyi Frankivsk region of Lviv. Above the park project worked famous architect Arnold Rering in 1876-1877, respectively. The total area of the park is Stryi 58ga. Stryiskyi park consists of three zones: the upper terrace, forest, the lower zone partners. The park has over 200 species of trees and plants. The park is a rock garden and greenhouse. The main entrance to the park is decorated with a pond with swans.


Stryiskyi park
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