Ivan Franko park in Lviv

Ivan Franko park in Lviv, photo and description Ivan Franko park, attraction of Lviv, excursions to Ivan Franko park entertainment in Lvov, Ivan Franko park - the main attraction of Lviv

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Ivan Franko Park

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Ivan Franko park in Lviv

 Ivan Franko Park in Lviv is a historic landmark.

 In the XVI century the territory of the park belonged to the Scholz-Volfovich family, and since the beginning of XVII century - the Jesuits. Ivan Franko Park unique tercentenary oaks and maples, which are still growing in it.

 In 1930 the park called the T. Kosciuszko park. After the Second World War, it was renamed the park to Ivan Franko Park. The park covers an area of 15 Ga. On its territory is set granite monument to Ivan Franko. Instead the upper part of the park is the hotel Dnestr.


Ivan Franko Park
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