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Hotels in Lviv

Lviv Hotels Online - online reservation hotels in Lviv, Save up to 50% on your booking, best Lviv cheap Hotel Deals. A convenient search of Hotels in Lviv, comfortable payment conditions, instant confirmation of booking directly from the hotel to your email address - all this you will be able to find in the center of booking Hotel in Lviv.

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Lviv Hotels Online / Business Travel Group is a Destination Management Company, committed to providing quality incoming travel services to its international travel trade partners. Our clients includ

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Lviv Hotels Online is online wholesalers of hotels and travel services in the Ukraine and we use our last inventory of travel products to supply travel agencies, tour operators and other travel busi

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Terms of payment and travel It is important that the traveller is familiar with the General terms and conditions of travel. By making payment, you are showing that you have accepted these terms of

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 Lviv Hotels Online cannot guarantee that the content on this website is free from errors or omissions. The information to be found on may, in individual cases, contain proof-r

How to book

 Lviv Hotels Online is a Destination Management Company, committed to providing quality incoming travel services to its international travel trade partners. Our clients include: tour operators, mee

Andriivskyi Hotel

Andriivskiy Hotel Lviv - online booking with instant confirmation on site Lviv Hotels Online. Check availability and price for accommodation in Lviv. This hotel provides 7 luxury rooms. Each room has:

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Why become a partner of Lviv Hotels Online ? There are no costs involved - putting your hotel on our sites is absolutely free of charge. We do all the work to find guests for your hotel at no

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Book at! The lowest price possible. Less and more selected hotels make it not only easier to find exactly what you are searching for; it also gives you the lowes

Lviv Accommodation

Choose your accommodation in Lviv (Lvov) by areas, hotel rates and types. Find the hotel you want now by entering your check in and check out dates in the Lviv (Lvov) accommodation search engine below

Lviv Travel Guide

 Lviv (Russian – Lvov) is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine and living monument with long 7 century history. So it is no wonder that the historic center of Lviv is very preserved and included i

3* Panska Gora Hotel

Panska Gora Hotel Lviv Ukraine Panska Gora Hotel 3 star hotel in Lviv and is a right choice for comfortable rest of our guests. From the moment you

3* Lions Castle Hotel

Lion's Castle Hotel Lviv Ukraine Lion's Castle Hotel - 3 star luxury hotel in Lviv. The center of matchless architecture and especial hospitality. S

3* NTON Hotel

Nton Hotel Lviv Ukraine Hotel NTON open for its visitors in Lviv since January 2001. NTON Hotel - is 3 star hotel in Lviv located in vicinity of downtown,

All Ukraine Hotels

Lviv Hotels Online booking system is a part of Ukraine Hotels Online which provides reservations in all hotels around Ukraine. Below you will find full list of Ukraine cities and hotels; Odessa, Lviv

Kiev Hotels

Kiev Hotels Online, the guide for Hotels in Kiev, B&B and accommodations. Do you need to book an accommodation in Kiev? Look up the numerous proposals we suggest you in our Kiev Hotels Online Guide. K

3* Volter Hotel

Volter Hotel Lviv Ukraine Volter Hotel - is 3 star Lviv Hotel. Pleased to welcome city guests and offers high service level at reasonable prices. At the

4* Vintage Boutique Hotel

Vintage Boutique Hotel Lviv Ukraine Situated in the heart of historical downtown this building which is now a hotel moves its guests every time they visit i

4* Panorama Hotel

Panorama Hotel Lviv Panorama Hotel Lviv Information and booking system for all hotels in Lviv. Panorama is a 4 - star hotel right in the heart of Lviv, wh

4* Burger Hotel

Burger Hotel Lviv Ukraine Concern "Burger" offers you hotel and restaurant «Burger». The comfortable Burger Hotel is 4 star hotel in Lviv and located i

3* Helikon Hotel

Helikon Hotel Lviv Ukraine Helikon Hotel - is 3 star Lviv Hotel and was opened not far from a city Lvov at the beginning of 2009. It takes you only 20 min

3* Prestige Hotel

Prestige Hotel Lviv Ukraine Prestige Hotel - is 3 star hotel in Lviv, located near central part of city of Lviv and comes into a notice the perfect stylis

3* Eney Hotel

Eney Hotel Lviv Ukraine Eney Hotel - is 3 star Lviv Hotel. Eney Hotel is located in the most beautiful, green and quiet area of the ancient centre of Lviv

3* Drevny Grad Hotel

Drevny Grad Hotel Lviv Ukraine Drevny Grad Hotel is 3-star hotel in Lviv and located in a very cozy and easy-to-reach place. Forest with glades, sto

3* Wien Hotel

Wien Hotel Lviv Ukraine Wien Hotel in Lviv, cordially welcomes guests in the central part of the city, the so-called "center" between the stored unchanged

Hotels in Lviv

Hotels in Lviv with discounts, accommodation online with instant confirmation. From cheap to luxury hotels in Lviv. Accommodation Lviv (Lvov) – live availability and prices for all hotels in Lviv. M

Cathedral Dormition of Mary

Cathedral of the Dormition of Mary is made of stone, three naves, indoor type, with elongated faceted apse.  Its height is 67 meters, width 23 meters. constructively Cathedral resembles a cube, but a

Church of John Baptist

Church of St. John the Baptist - is one of the oldest architectural monument of Lviv. The temple was built in 1250 by Prince Lev Danilovich for his wife Constance, daughter of Hungarian king Bela


 Lviv State Circus is centrally located at the foot of the mountain Svyatoyurskoy. Above the project of the circus worked outstanding architects Bakhmatov A. and M. Kanevsky. Circus was built in Octo

Ivan Franko Park

 Ivan Franko Park in Lviv is a historic landmark. In the XVI century the territory of the park belonged to the Scholz-Volfovich family, and since the beginning of XVII century - the Jesuits.

Waterpark «Plyaj»

 Waterpark «Plyaj» - this is the first in Western Ukraine, complex, combining entertainment, sports and fitness recreation. Waterpark «Plyaj» surprised not only by its size 8,5 thousand square m

Lviv Opera House

 Construction of the Opera Lviv House began in 1897 and lasted three years. Above the project construction work famous architect Sigmund Gorgolevsky. Construction costs amounted to 2,4 million Austri

Chapel Kampians

 Construction of the Chapel Kampians started in 1619 by Paul Kampians and was completed by his son Martin Kampians. The chapel was built at the north wall of the Latin cathedral. Kampians Ch

Preobrazhenskaya Сhurch

 Preobrazhenskaya Сhurch located in the heart of Lvov (Lviv). Previously, the church called Trinitarsky church. The temple was built in 1731, and in 1898 the church was rebuilt by the architect S. G

Cathedral of St. George

 St.George 's Cathedral - chief of the Greek Catholic Cathedral in Lviv. Svyatoyursky cathedral was built in the years 1744-1770. Above the construction of religious buildings the architect Bernard M

High Castle

 Park High Castle Lviv is a monument of landscape gardening art of local importance and is part of the NATURAL-reserved fund of Ukraine. The park was founded in 1835. The total area of the park i

3* George Hotel

George Hotel Lviv Ukraine The hotel George is one of the most ancient hotels in Lviv with a privileged location right in the business and cultural centre

3* Svyatoslav Hotel

Svyatoslav Hotel is 3 star hotel in Lviv and located in a short distance from city centre (9 km) in quiet and picturesque nook, further from city fuss; This Hotel is surrounded by marvelous scenery of

Sacred places of West Ukraine

One day trip to 3 old towns of Lviv region will open a possibility for every tourist to open the part of the history of glorious Ukraine. While visiting the architectural masterpieces of all t

Lviv 2 day tour

HotynThe highlight of the Hotyn region is an ancient majestic city - the fortress of Hotyn.National memory has kept many beautiful legends about a history of this land. One of them tells that during o

Lviv city tour

Lviv - is the heart of the Western Ukraine, specific frontier between east and west, between orthodox and catholic religions. The city was under the rule of many empires and nations and it left a cons


Frescoes, forged doors of baroque, stone fretted sarcophagus, tailingsof princely walls, ghost of the dark monk... and new exclusive works ofthe Lviv artists (an exhibition-sale). With actors help y

Lviv Castle Tour

The most popular tourist itinerary is one, which leads to Olesko, Zolochiv and Pidhirci - these small villages are famous for their age-old majestic castles. From a distance we can see the powerful

Svirzh castle excursion

This is a short one day trip for those who have not got many time, but still have the possibility to visit old castles located not far from Lviv city. On your way to Svirzh castle you will visit a

Zhovkva and Krehiv monastery

Zhovkva The city has very rich and interesting history, related to life and activity of famous historical persons. There were private residences of the crown hetman Stanislaw Zolkiewski and K

Museum of Brewing

The first Museum of brewing in Ukraine, contained in a building of ХІХ century. Museum invites for a trip to know the history of beer making, not only in our country, but also all over the w

3* Hetman Hotel

Hetman Hotel Lviv Ukraine Hetman Hotel - is 3 star Lviv Hotel. Lviv is an ancient city with wonderful architectural sights, rich museums collections, thea

4* Grandios Hotel

Grandios Hotel Lviv Ukraine From the moment you enter the lobby of the Grandios Hotel you will appreciate its style which combines elegance, comfort and h

4* Swiss Hotel

Swiss Hotel Lviv Ukraine The Swiss Hotel welcomes its guests right in the heart of the Lviv. Hotel location provides a comfortable stay both for business

4* Citadel Inn Hotel

Citadel Inn Hotel Lviv Ukraine Citadel Inn Hotel Lviv presents a living reminder of the majestic age of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, combining luxurious a

2* Delice Hotel

Delice - 2 star hotel in Lviv is located at the very heart of the biggest and the most famous park – Stryisky park. There are cosy hotel rooms of modern convenience, a spacious conference hall provi

3* Eurohotel

Eurohotel Lviv Ukraine Eurohotel is a perfect choice for those who arrived in Lviv on business trip or are just traveling, while every customer may find i

2* Jockey Hotel

On territory of Jockey hotel in Lviv – entertainment are carried out in the days off and holidays: horse races, autorace, concerts, competitions and exhibitions – fairs. These all will give you un

5* Leopolis Hotel

Leopolis Hotel Lviv Ukraine As the choice Hotel in Lviv, the prestigious Leopolis Hotel is a truly unique,luxurious boutique hotel in the heart of the Lviv

Lviv hotels on Map

Lviv Hotels Online - provides a Lviv Hotels map. All hotels are available for online reservations with instant confirmation. Click on hotel you need and see all special offers for accommodation in

4* Dnister Hotel

Dnister Hotel Lviv Ukraine Dnister Hotel - is 4-star hotel in Lviv and is a part of chain Premier Hotels. Dnister Hotel is situated in the historic centr

Natalia-18 Hotel

Natalia-18 Hotel is located in Lviv (Lvov) city center near Opera House. Check availability and price for accommodation in Lviv hotel Natalia-18. The hotel has 22 high standard rooms, all rooms equipp

4* Edem Hotel

Edem Hotel Lviv Ukraine  Edem Hotel is located in the central part of Lviv, close to the main Greek Catholic Sanctuary St. Yuriy Cathedral. Due to the ho

Gerold Hotel

Hotel Georold provides 11 rooms of different categories for its guests. Hotel located not far from Lviv (Lvov) city center. All rooms are equipped with: TV-set, phone, mini-bar, air-conditioner, Inter

Status Hotel

Status Hotel in Lviv  Status Hotel managed to create an exceptional atmosphere, a unique climate for your comfort, under the tutelage of a professional and hospitable staff. The interior of the

Mirage Hotel

Mirage Hotel in Lviv, Ukraine  Mirage Hotel is situated in a comfortable park area. It's a wonderful place where home warmth and comfort dwell. You can stay to rest here, have a delicious meal a

Irena Hotel

Irena Hotel Lviv Ukraine  Apartments Irena Lviv are situated in the cosy nook of the historical part of Lviv. The building has been just renewed and renovated with preservation of architecture

Mars Hotel

Online booking Lviv Hotel with instant confirmation  Mars Hotel in Lviv is the best place for tourist groups, businessmen, conferees. Hotel can accommodate 156 guests. All together there are 7

Ozerny Kray Resort Hotel

Ozerny Kray Resort Hotel Lviv Ukraine  Not far from Lviv, in a picturesque Halychyna village framed into the velvet of fragrant herbs, there got lost a really heavenly spot on earth. Thus, Ozern

4* Navariya Nova Hotel

Navariya Nova Hotel Complex, Lviv, Ukraine  Just not far from the ancient city of Lviv there is a hotel recreation complex “Navariya Nova” situated, the shrewd choice both for businessmen an

3* Grand Resort Hotel

Grand Resort Hotel Complex, Lviv, Ukraine  Grand Resort is a comfort hotel complex which is located in a picturesquaere place, just in 15 km from the centre of Lviv. At your disposal are two-roo

Orion Hotel

Orion Hotel, Lviv, Ukraine  Orion is the comfortable hotel-restaurant complex, located just 7 km. from Lviv, in a forest corner of Yavoriv, ​​Kozhychi village. Having accomplished your stopo

5* Nobilis Hotel

Nobilis Hotel in Lviv, Ukraine  Welcome to Lviv’s only world-class luxury hotel - embodying grand elegance with a stunning mix of gracious hospitality, exemplary cuisine, and exceptional service

2* Bumerang Hotel

Bumerang Hotel in Lviv, Ukraine Providing all necessary services at high level, the hotel keeps its vivid individuality. Warm atmosphere of hospitality waits for you in comfortable rooms of Bumera

Kupava Hotel

Kupava Hotel, Lviv, Ukraine The hotel complex Kupava is located in a cozy corner of old Lviv, where you can relax from the bustling city streets or a business meeting. Restaurant "Kupava" will lea

Ekotel Hotel

Online booking Lviv Hotel with instant confirmation Ekotel Hotel – is a budget hotel in Lviv. It offers a range of comfortable rooms of a budget category for several persons with all necessar

Plazma Hotel

Online booking Lviv Hotel with instant confirmation Plazma Hotel gladly opens its doors to Lviv visitors, 14 comfortable rooms with modern interior, comfortable furniture, TV and free internet

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