Chewing gum helps you lose weight

Chewing gum helps you lose weight

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Chewing gum helps you lose weight

The debate about the benefits or harms of chewing gum has been going on for many years. Recently, supporters of this popular product presented a new argument in its favor, declaring the possibility of using chewing gum not only to save teeth from caries, but also to get rid of excess weight.

This, of course, is not about such an effective way to lose weight as tearing off a “bubblegum” stuck to asphalt or a school desk, which everyone knows about, but few remember, but about an easier option - chewing directly. According to a group of American scientists from the Mayo Clinic in Boston, the uniform exaggeration of the gum with the jaws “burns” 11 calories per hour, which, with regular repetition, leads to quite noticeable losses of extra pounds. According to calculations, if chewing calorie-free gum every morning for 1 hour per year, a person can lose 5 kg.
To test their assumptions in practice, researchers led by James Levine conducted an experiment on seven volunteers. Subjects were given equal portions of sugar-free gum, put on an oxygen mask, and asked to chew for 12 minutes. By changing the nature of breathing before, during and after the test, the volunteers measured energy consumption in calories. This was done with the help of special equipment attached to oxygen masks. For the purity of the experiment, scientists needed to achieve the same speed of jaw movement from each of the seven people. Therefore, all volunteers were asked to chew at the same frequency to the beat of a specially purchased metronome.

Americans are convinced of the reliability of their research results and are confident that those who love to chew something tasty and suffer from their passion will be helped by a sparing "chewing diet". At least it's not as difficult as morning exercises.

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