Choosing a Wi-Fi router

Choosing a Wi-Fi router

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Choosing a Wi-Fi router

In order to create a home wireless essence, you need to have a Wi-Fi router. It is necessary in order to distribute the Internet and data to different devices that are present in the home and local network via Wi-Fi. Among such devices may well be: tablets, smartphones, game consoles, TVs, PCs, laptops. Depending on the type of network connection, a certain type of router may be required.

There are situations when it is built into the adsl modem.

In addition, there are routers routers that make it possible to combine a wired and wireless network, then use shared files, content, documents. It may have built-in ports, say: usb, lan, etc.

There are external models of Wi-Fi routers on sale. But everything will depend on the network configuration, a Wi-Fi router with a SIM card will come out more economical in price. But you may need to buy an external Wi-Fi router, for example, this option is acceptable when you have a modem.
The whole difficulty of choosing an access point or a wireless router is that we need to choose a quality router at a bargain price.
Here are some tips for beginners. Wi-Fi routers can be conventionally divided into several types:

adsl Wi-Fi router was designed to connect and distribute the Internet only using adsl technology and via Wi-Fi.
ethernet Wi-Fi routers are worth buying if you have a cable with the Internet in your apartment only without connecting to a telephone line.
3G / 4g Wi-Fi routers are worth buying in order to connect and distribute mobile Internet.
Wi-Fi routers designed for fiber optic networks are used to connect and distribute the Internet only via optical fiber.
universal models of Wi-Fi routers are great for many Internet connection editors, they have a number of network interfaces or ports, in addition, it is possible to connect iptv.

First you need to determine for what specific purposes you need a Wi-Fi router. It is often needed in order to distribute the Internet throughout the apartment to different devices.

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