Choosing a warm floor system

Choosing a warm floor system

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Choosing a warm floor system

Warm floors have already gained enormous distribution among consumers. They are conventionally divided into 2 types - infrared and convection. The latter include systems where heating is carried out in the element or cable itself, from where heat is distributed through physical transmission over the surface of the material and is sent further. At the same time, infrared floors are systems that give the radiation of the same name, and the heating of the room is performed in the same way as if it were done by the sun's rays.

It is important to know that convection underfloor heating creates and distributes heat non-uniformly. In other words, the greater the distance from the cable, the less warm-up. Infrared systems heat up the house completely evenly.

Types of electric underfloor heating

Depending on the type, the installation method of the system with the use of the ecl comfort 310 electronic regulator also changes. All electric underfloor heating can be performed in 3 ways:

Heating mats. These devices can be both infrared and convection. Such systems are implemented in rolls, require a much smaller screed layer (up to 3 cm) and are very practical and easy to install. They are similar to a standard heating cable that is placed on a mesh base.
Heating cable. This type is considered the simplest of all. It is an electrical cable that transports electric current into heat energy. This cable can be two-core or single-core. When installing a two-core, only 1 end is required to be connected, while the single-core needs to connect both of its parts.
Film floor. This is an infrared system where the film thickness is no more than 0.5 millimeters. It is placed under a laminate or parquet floor. This floor, unlike its counterparts, gives heat only during the period of switching on.

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