Everything about the laser hair removal procedure

Everything about the laser hair removal procedure

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Everything about the laser hair removal procedure

Women have tried a variety of hair removal methods. Even in the Ancient East, beautiful beauties performed this procedure with sugar. They made sugar paste. In the modern world, this method is called sugaring. But with the advent of innovative technologies, the best method today is laser removal of unwanted hair.

This method is good not only for the absence of pain, but also for the fact that the hair simply stops growing after the procedure. You can achieve smooth and delicate skin in just 2 treatments. If all the requirements are met, laser hair removal does not harm health and does not harm every integument.

How is laser hair removal performed?
Laser hair removal is performed only by specialists.

Under the influence of a beam that passes through the hair shaft, the cells are heated. As a result of such heating melanin is destroyed. Accordingly, the hair stops growing. The skin is slightly overheated, but cools down within a few seconds. To remove all the hair requires several procedures, as under the skin there are hair follicles, which do not manifest themselves for some time.

Advantages of laser hair removal
With all the advantages, of which there are many, this version of hair removal, unfortunately, has its disadvantages. This is a relatively expensive price. But among the advantages is the absence of pain, scars, scars, the duration of the effect (8-10 years), and the duration of the session. Similar methods have not yet been invented in the cosmetology market.

How to prepare for laser hair removal?
First, the hair must grow back 5 mm. It is forbidden to take antibiotics a week before the procedure. Secondly, creams and lotions should not be used on the day of the session. If you are one of those people who have a low pain threshold, ask a specialist to treat the epilation area with lidocaine. You will be given special goggles during epilation. They must be worn to protect the eyes from too bright light.

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