Hair removal: shugaring

Hair removal: shugaring

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Hair removal: shugaring

Shugaring is one of the oldest types of hair removal. It is known that Queen Nefertiti and Cleopatra used it.

Today this method of hair removal is becoming more and more popular as it has many advantages over other types of hair removal.

Benefits of shugaring
This type of hair removal is very cheap and its components are available. Sugaring requires only sugar, water and lemon juice.

This mass is hypoallergenic, as it contains no chemical compounds, various fragrances and dyes. Women with very sensitive skin can safely use this epilation option.

After the shugaring procedure, there are no microtraumas to the skin. The sugar mass pulls out only hairs, which should be 1 or 2 millimeters long and do not damage the skin. After such epilation, the skin becomes perfectly smooth, since the hairs during this procedure are removed in the direction in which they grow, and accordingly do not break off.

After shugaring, itching does not appear, since the hairs are pulled out by the root.

The need for the next epilation arises in 3-4 weeks. And after each epilation, they will grow thinner and weaker.

During the shugaring procedure, the epidermis located on the surface and containing dead cells is also removed. This prevents ingrown hairs in the future, they will grow back unnoticed without causing discomfort.

The mass used for this type of hair removal is easily washed off with water.

Every woman at home is capable of making sugar mass and carrying out the shugaring procedure.

Method of preparing and performing shugaring
A glass of sugar, lemon juice, a spoonful of water - beat everything and cook at a constant heat level until a caramel consistency is formed, it takes no more than ten minutes to cook.
After the mixture has cooled to the temperature of fresh milk, balls are rolled out of it.
If the balls do not roll due to the strong stickiness of the mass, you need to cool it a little more.
The sugar ball rolls down a bit larger than a walnut. Taking it in your hands, knead it like plasticine.
An elastic and soft mass is applied to the skin against hair growth. The mass must be well smeared, left for a few seconds, and then rolled in the opposite direction, that is, according to hair growth.

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