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Home construction

If we consider the stages of building a house, then the first stage, the beginning of construction, is the pouring of the foundation. But before starting construction, it is imperative to solve the following tasks - this is to draw up documents for the land plot, as well as other various permits. You can start construction without issuing mandatory papers, but then you can face various problems with putting the house into operation.

The beginning of the construction of your house is the acquisition of a land plot. Everyone decides for himself what area it will be and where it is located. Here it should be remembered that for the construction of a house, land is suitable, which has the status of "for housing construction". If the land will have an agricultural purpose, then a house on such a site cannot be built.
A plot for a house is chosen taking into account the area of ​​the future building. So, when the building is 10 sq. m., then the land plot should not be less than 10 acres, and if the owner, in addition to the house, plans to plant a garden and build various auxiliary structures, then the area of ​​the plot should be at least 15 acres.

The main documents that you need to have before building a house are a building permit, a house project, which documents confirm the ownership of a land plot.

The foundation of the house depends directly on what kind of building the building should be built. If the building is made of lightweight materials (wood, sandwich panels), then a simple lightweight foundation can be used; for a brick house, the foundation must be concrete.

At the next stage, the walls are erected. It depends on what material they are built from, the time of their construction depends. The most popular building materials are foam blocks, wood, brick, GOST concrete. Walls are erected from foam blocks very quickly and are the cheapest. Brick walls are warm and of high quality, but they are more expensive than walls made of foam blocks. Wood is the most natural material, plus the walls of wood keep warm well. Concrete houses are built for centuries, but to build such a house requires a lot of expenses on heavy construction equipment.
What to make the roof of, you need to decide right away when developing a house project. Because the weight of the building and the thickness of the walls depend on what material it will be. And also, accordingly, the power of the foundation. The simplest, lightest and cheapest material is slate. But today, tiles are very popular, and they are already heavier.

The most time consuming and financially costly stage is home decoration. This is a distribution around the box of the house of communications (electricity, water supply, sewerage, gas), installation of doors and windows. When renovating, you need to remember that buildings shrink in the first year, so you should not immediately spend money on expensive finishing.

Further, in order to put the house into operation, the fire and sanitary-epidemiological service need to inspect the premises and give the appropriate certificate, as well as the owner of the house to issue a registration certificate for the building.

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