Modern ophthalmology: diagnostics and hardware treatment

Modern ophthalmology: diagnostics and hardware treatment

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Modern ophthalmology: diagnostics and hardware treatment

Examination by an ophthalmologist should be done regularly, even if there are no symptoms. This is necessary to prevent diseases, reduce visual acuity and eye disorders. If pathology is detected at an early stage, then you can undergo a course of treatment and reduce the consequences for the health of the visual system. Reduced visual acuity is manifested by headaches and increased eye fatigue. In this case, you need to choose glasses.

Diagnostics is carried out on special ophthalmological equipment that meets all modern requirements:

keratorefractometer (measurement of the optics of the eye);
non-contact tonometer (measurement of intraocular pressure);
visometry (test of visual acuity);
stereoscopic test (depth vision test) and so on.

Hardware treatment
It is possible to restore eye health with the help of software-computer (impact on the retina) or hardware treatment. The latter can be done using:

"Visotronics" (correction and prevention of myopia);
apparatus for laser stimulation of vision function;
amblyopanoramas (eye simulator);
"Cascade" (affects the optics of the eye).

It is necessary to examine vision from childhood, since many eye diseases and visual impairment occur in early childhood. Timely prescribed treatment helps to avoid future vision problems.

Doctors help children get rid of the following problems:

amblyopia, or "lazy eye".

Therefore, it is important to undergo a preventive examination not only for an adult. The child also needs a pediatric ophthalmologist.

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