Tips for choosing hotel furniture

Tips for choosing hotel furniture

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Tips for choosing hotel furniture

The first glance of the hotel visitor falls on the reception desk or reception desk, because it is here that they order rooms, take and leave the keys to the room and just make inquiries. Of course, it is very important that the visitor immediately has a good impression from the first visit to the hotel. Modern racks are notable for a wide variety of designs, but still high and long racks remain popular, which is convenient for both staff and visitors. Sometimes there is a queue of visitors at the counter, so the reception should be functional and convenient for the hotel staff. An interesting and functional solution for quick customer service is the use of wheelchairs on which staff can quickly move from the reception to the mailboxes. In general, hotel furniture is a little different from home or office, but still designing hotel furniture is a special process. First, hotels have planning standards that should be considered. Secondly, the hotel furniture should bear more loads than any other. Studies have shown that even in rooms, chairs are more exposed than home furniture, and upholstered furniture in the waiting rooms and halls, of course, withstands great trials. At the same time, hotel furniture is an important part of the hotel interior, which directly influences the hotel’s reputation by its appearance, so it should look perfect. In connection with all these factors, hotel furniture is made in a special way from highly durable materials, especially for upholstery and the driving mechanisms of chairs and sofas. This somewhat reduces the probability of breakage, but still the design of the furniture should be extremely simple, so that repairs can be made as soon as possible by a staff member. Another unpleasant surprise is the spots on the upholstery, carpets, tapestries, so they are made of high-strength washable artificial materials. Upholstery is sometimes made of leather. In hotels, special furniture is also needed, which is very different from home furniture. For example, visitors like to spend time in sports halls, whose dressing rooms should be equipped with lockers, armchairs, and sofas. It is convenient for customers when there is a conference room in the hotel for meetings and meetings, in such a room appropriate tables and chairs are needed. An important attribute of the appearance of the hotel is the organization of lighting as the entire building, and individual premises. Of course, fire safety plays a major role here, but also lighting devices should be easily repaired and be accessible for cleaning. Among other things, the lighting of the hotel should be economical, but not at the expense of the convenience of visitors. The issues of economy are solved with the help of self-disconnecting lighting devices, as well as the use of energy-saving incandescent lamps. The disconnection system not only saves energy, but also reduces the risk of fires due to wiring faults. Lighting plays an important role in the image created by the hotel, it is very important to place the lighting zones in the most comfortable way for visitors.
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