Tires for city cars

Tires for city cars

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Tires for city cars

Your miniature car needs a tremendous amount of attention when it comes to rubber and rim selection. Today a colossal selection of brands and wheel parameters is offered. Let's consider the main categories of tires that can be used by owners of standard city cars.


This rubber is called Highway in the English marking. It is designed for smooth, paved roads. Such a coating can mean asphalt (if we are talking about Russian roads), or a concrete surface (when we are talking about Europe, America, where concrete mix is ​​mainly used for pouring roads). The use of rubber is bad for driving quality if the vehicle is driven on unpaved roads. At the same time, it is perfect for both even dry and even wet surfaces. But winter asphalt, ice is unacceptable as a basis for road tires.


An excellent choice if you are driving in snowy areas. There they can replace a winter stud, but a studded tire is still needed if driving on icy roads, since the grip is still insufficient. The dream to buy a set of all-season tires, getting rid of the need for constant replacement, is mainly feasible in European areas. But Goodyear tires are better to change according to the classic technology "worked out" over the years.


For small cars, such tires are rarely used. They proceed from the fact that, firstly, most often, such cars have a low maximum speed, and secondly, they belong to the class of economical cars. It is good to know, however, that Performance tires provide maximum traction, sometimes lacking in high-speed cornering, but less abrasion resistant.

All-season high-speed

A universal combination of the two previous types. They are created in high-tech industries, require certain costs, but their comfort is undeniable. Maximum grip on both clean and snow-covered asphalt is provided for all cars.


There is no need to talk about their properties for a long time. But it should be noted that the properties of studded rubber directly depend on the location of the metal inserts, their number, as well as the tread pattern. It will be better if the selection of tires will be carried out with the help of specialists.

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