The most beautiful beaches in the world

The most beautiful beaches in the world

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The most beautiful beaches in the world

One can only guess how many beautiful beaches are spread all over the world. Pink, snow-white, hidden from view and stretching for tens of kilometers. Nothing beats the beauty of nature that has created such stunning coastlines.

A popular blog for men on the Internet notes that in Ukraine you can visit very decent, well-groomed, and sometimes even in no way inferior in beauty to beaches. These are the beaches of Odessa. As a rule, this is a coastline covered with sand. In Odessa, there are both paid (mostly closed beaches of sanatoriums) and free and even wild beaches.

The most beautiful beaches in the world
So, the top of the most beautiful beaches on the planet:

Navaggio Beach is located in Greece on the island of Zakynthos. This is a truly amazing sight, especially for lovers of quiet, secluded places. This place is one of the most visited among tourists. This beach is also called the Smugglers' Bay, and all because once upon a time a large ship was thrown on its shore, the remains of which still rest in the sands. And to add even more charm to the island, people decided that they wanted to believe that it was a ship of smugglers who illegally transported alcohol, tobacco and women, but their plans were thwarted by a severe storm.
Playa del Amor beach in Mexico has disappeared from human eyes near the deserted archipelago of Marieta, formed by a volcanic eruption. This mysterious island even attracted the attention of Jacques-Yves Cousteau himself, who spent several years researching on it. The original name of the beach is Love Beach. It is not for nothing that it received such a name, because it is hidden inside one of the islands, as if hiding in a cave and thus resembles a natural pool. This amazing beach has won the hearts of many tourists.
Pink Beach is located on Harbor Island in the Bahamas. The Bahamas are famous for a large number of beautiful places, but this particular beach is famous all over the world for its amazing color, which in turn owes its tiny inhabitants - foraminifera shells. The pink beach periodically appears in the tops of the best beaches on the planet according to different publishers.
The next famous beach is located in Australia and has a self-explanatory name - White Haven. With a length of about seven kilometers, it runs along the coast of Witsunday Island. This beach is a national park in Australia, there are no buildings here, since their construction is strictly prohibited, even to pitch a tent, you will need a special permit. But playful and friendly dolphins live very close to the coast.
However, there are beaches that are unusually beautiful at night. One such wonder is the beach on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives. And it is unusual in that the plankton living in coastal waters, falling ashore, is millions of flickering lights. The shining ocean is an extraordinary sight.

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