Philadelphia Sushi Recipe, or Where to Order Delivery in Lviv?

Philadelphia Sushi Recipe, or Where to Order Delivery in Lviv?

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Philadelphia Sushi Recipe, or Where to Order Delivery in Lviv?

Japanese dishes are also very popular among Ukrainians. Now everyone knows what sushi tastes like. And sushi, such as Philadelphia, seems to appeal to many gourmet Japanese cuisines. This is not surprising, because they have nothing but incomparable taste. Then we will learn how to prepare Philadelphia sushi yourself, and for those interested in delivering sushi in Lviv - order online at

Philadelphia Sushi Recipe, or Where to Order Delivery in Lviv?

What does it take to make Philadelphia sushi?
Sushi is a mixture of rice with fish and other seafood. They are formed in the form of an oval. Eat only in cold form. But the rolls - this is one of the varieties of sushi, you can eat in hot form. The roles may include not only seafood, but others as well. Let's look at how to choose cheese and rice for a Japanese dish before considering a Philadelphia sushi recipe.

How to choose cheese?
If you add quality products to the sushi, it will be perfect. In the role of Philadelphia put cream cheese, this ingredient gives a unique taste. We can say that this product is one of the main dishes. Therefore, it must be carefully chosen.

It is important for the cheese to include ingredients such as whole milk, cream, lactic acid bacteria, and a small amount of stabilizers. Cow's milk in cream cheese should be at least 80 percent. You should also pay attention to the appearance of the product. If the crude has a thick texture, it is suitable for roles. Cheese should not change its shape, spread.

Rice for roles - how to choose and cook?
It is important that the finished dish with rice and seafood look harmonious, shape and have a harmonious taste. To do this, you need to choose the right rice and boil it. In supermarkets there is a special feature for the roles. It is perfect for Japanese cuisine. If it is not possible to buy such a grain, then good quality rice with round grains will be suitable. Pay attention to the grain, they should be the same, white, without any disadvantages.

Cooking rice for roles
Before cooking rice, it must be washed under cold water. To wash away all you need is enough seven times washing. After that, the water you drain will become transparent. After that, you can start cooking the product.

Non-enamel cookware is suitable for the process. To the enameled surfaces of rice grains stick faster to the walls than with any other.
Initially, 2 to 1 water (water / rice) is poured into the pan. When the water boils, they pour rice there.
It is necessary to cook cereals on low heat for only twelve minutes. And when it is swollen, then add some more boiling water.
Cover the rice, remove from the plate. Let it insist for about five minutes.
Important: You do not need to add spices or salt to the rice. In the finished product it is necessary to pour a mixture of vinegar, sugar, salt. Just add two teaspoons of vinegar over a teaspoon of sugar and salt.

Philadelphia Sushi Cooking
To find out how to make sushi Philadelphia, you need a list of products. The following should be prepared:

rice, nori algae;
cream cheese - Philadelphia;
red fish (salmon);
cucumber, soy sauce, ginger marinated;

Take the nori leaf and spread it on the makeup with the smooth side down.
Put the rice on the hole, leaving the edges at 1.4 cm without porridge.
Now make sure the rice is under the leaf hole, put the cheese on top of the leaf.
Put the cucumber on top of the cheese, roll.
Cut the fish into equal plates, then roll it out and gently press it with a rug.
It is necessary to cut the sushi into pieces, serve to the table. There is nothing difficult about cooking a Japanese dish, the patch that you have now learned how to cook Philadelphia roles on your own.

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