Benefits of LED luminaires

Benefits of LED luminaires

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Benefits of LED luminaires

Nowadays, LED lamps are beginning to gain particular popularity. They are actively sold and distributed in lighting stores, as well as online stores. Let's see what is the advantage of LED lamps over the usual incandescent bulbs.

Without going into details, LEDs are semiconductors that begin to glow when voltage is applied to them. The average LED requires very tiny voltages and very low currents to start emitting light. In this regard, the energy consumption of LED lamps is much lower than the energy consumption of incandescent lamps and ordinary chandeliers. We are now talking not about 10-20%, but about all 80-90%! That is, you will spend 9-10 times less energy on lighting in your apartment. Considering that lighting is a fairly significant part of your electricity bill, the savings will be significant. You can safely count on a decrease in bills by one and a half to two times.
Also, LED gym lights are an absolutely environmentally friendly product, unlike fluorescent lamps, which were widely used in the past. In addition, they give an even white light, which is close in its spectrum to the sun. This is good for the eye as it gives good contrast and color reproduction. At the same time, LED is a very reliable and robust technique. If you are far from physics, then we will explain to you: LEDs are semiconductors, as we said earlier. And semiconductors are special metal alloys. That is, the luminous part in them is made of a strong alloy of metals. No glass, no fine tungsten filament.

LEDs are incredibly strong and resistant to mechanical damage, and also easily withstand high voltage surges. Because of this, the service life of such lamps is about 15 years without any replacement of components! Do you still doubt whether it is worth purchasing LED lamps? Yes, of course, their cost is slightly higher than the cost of conventional lamps based on incandescent lamps, but they will quickly pay off their cost by long, reliable and economical operation.

We can say with confidence that incandescent lamps are reaching their final term. They will soon go down in history like candelabra and candles, giving way to more advanced LED lighting fixtures.

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