Portugal: Mirador, Posad, Port

Portugal: Mirador, Posad, Port

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Portugal: Mirador, Posad, Port

Luxurious and diverse in their geographical location, the abundance of flora and fauna Africa, Australia, America ... But why is little Portugal so attracted to itself? Every year, more than 10 million inhabitants of the planet visit this state in the west of the Iberian Peninsula. What draws them here? After all, early booking of tours to Turkey, for example, is quite possible, and to Portugal is unlikely.

The man is so arranged that he is drawn to where he will be pleased to rest. And tourism in Portugal was developed precisely thanks to many positive aspects. Who doesn’t like the mild climate? Magnificent ancient architecture? The abundance of historical places associated with interesting events? And all this is here! One has only to name the famous traveler Vasco da Gama - and you already want to hit the road, because it was in Portugal that the great navigator was born and subsequently buried.

Holidays in Portugal will give you an unforgettable experience: seeing the relic of world human history, for example, the Tower of Bethlehem, is worth it ... Yes - this is not the Bethlehem in Palestine, but the Portuguese called it one of their districts, but according to their location it received the name and tower of St. Vincent - the starting point for all the famous expeditions.
If you decide to visit this corner of the world, then the choice will be very diverse: tours to Portugal are pleasantly surprised by the thoroughness of the approach, prudence, accessibility. You can visit only the main city of the country - one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Lisbon, and already get a lot of vivid live impressions. But there is an abundance of interesting places and places ... Holidays in Portugal will be not only an entertaining trip, but also informative.

For example, what is unusual for a Ukrainian ear miradoru? It turns out that these are panoramic terraces with a gorgeous view of the Lisbon surroundings - right up to the banks of the Tagus River, which flows into the ocean. And in pousadas you can live, if you want to experience for yourself what the ancient monastery means: castles, estates, monasteries are waiting for you after restoration! There are separate tours dedicated to the original local drink - the port. Or, as we all used to call it, port. Fortified wine is produced in the north-east of the country, in the valley of the Dourou River.

The best part is that traveling to Portugal is by no means limited to cognitive goals. The local coast of the Atlantic is strewn with cozy resorts, where you will be offered a comfortable stay no worse than Turkey - the country most popular among Ukrainian tourists.

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