Hiking in winter

Hiking in winter

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Hiking in winter

Taking part in snow hikes or skiing involves spending a lot of time outside in the cold.

The cold does not come alone, at the same time there is a strong wind.
To properly prepare for a winter hike, you need to be very careful about your health, which means that you should study the recommendations of equipment for a winter hike.

It is unrealistic to imagine a hike without a backpack, along with a blanket and a sleeping bag.

If this equipment is assembled, then we can say that the basic equipment is already "behind us".

A man should choose for himself to buy a backpack with a volume of at least 75-80 liters.

For women - no more than 65 liters.

When buying a backpack with a small volume, there may be an unpleasant moment when some of the equipment needs to be strapped outside. This is very bad, because during rain or snow, these things can probably get wet and become unusable. The advantage of a bulky backpack is that, if necessary, you can make its volume smaller by tightening the ties.

Boots are one of the most important items in a winter hike. The choice of boots is a very serious matter. Experience shows that it is not necessary to choose an urban type of footwear for a camping trip, with rubber soles and wool for beauty: they will very soon become unusable. Mountain footwear should have a ribbed sole, a hard toe, and special insulation technologies.

Socks can be worn both regular and tourist. Thermos socks wick moisture away and dry very quickly, which eliminates chafing. When income does not allow you to take such socks, you can try this option: put woolen socks on cotton socks. By purchasing winter shoe covers, you prevent snow from getting inside the boot, protect your feet from getting wet and freezing. This helps to feel good enough during the entire winter ascent.

Often tourists do without shoe covers, but then they buy ski pants, which at the same time protect from the cold and from the snow. In winter, extreme hikes, where endless snow and wind, "self-dumping" will be needed.

The jacket should be hooded and waterproof. A jacket for winter outdoor activities must be purchased from a membrane fabric that is breathable. For fans of skiing holidays, no trip is complete without fleece equipment. Fleece has many advantages, so professionals and amateurs alike need it, especially in winter. Do not forget to choose thermal underwear that has the ability to remove moisture and be dry at all times.

The purpose of the trip will be formed by the availability of auxiliary tourist equipment. Buying avalanche equipment means securing the entire group in the mountains.

It is advisable to go on summer hikes, before going in winter, there you can try your hand at milder climatic conditions.

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