Features of ventilation in a wooden private house

Features of ventilation in a wooden private house

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Features of ventilation in a wooden private house

Many people choose wood as a building material because it is able to let air into the building without releasing heat. And, in fairness, in the bedrooms, this amount of naturally supplied air will be enough. But for other rooms where heat exchange is disturbed (for example, a kitchen or a basement), it is imperative to install ventilation and special pocket filters for air purification.

Tips for organizing ventilation
There are several nuances for organizing ventilation in a private wooden house:

In a wooden house, there is good natural ventilation, which implies the movement of air to freely penetrate through the cracks of windows and doors on its own. But it is necessary to organize an effective outflow of air, therefore it is better to install air ducts that will go out to the roof. The pocket filter sections are also ceiling-mounted and need access to the air pipes. But now in many houses the windows are plastic, and therefore natural ventilation almost does not occur.
It is necessary that air currents move throughout the house without any obstacles. For this, special gaps are made between the interior doors and the floor.
If you install supply and exhaust ventilation, then it will forcefully drive air through the dwelling. But it should be noted that in this way constant extraneous noise will interfere with you, and the devices themselves are quite expensive.

In a wooden house, experts advise using mixed ventilation. Air enters through a natural path, and is removed using a special device. Most often, this is a fan, the power of which is selected based on various factors (the size of the room, the number of people living, and much more).

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