Features of different types of glazing loggias

Features of different types of glazing loggias

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Features of different types of glazing loggias

For glazing loggias, three main types of double-glazed windows are currently used: wood, aluminum and plastic. Each of these varieties has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Important conditions
When choosing a particular method of glazing, it is necessary to take into account many criteria: whether a roof is needed for a loggia, what are the basic requirements for a double-glazed window, features of an adjacent room, climatic features of the area in which the building is located, the available budget for the installation of new window profiles.

Wooden glazing of loggias
Glazing with wooden insulating glass units is one of the most traditional methods. This material has proven itself well as a raw material for the production of window structures. Its advantages include environmental friendliness, attractive external properties, excellent compatibility with the architectural appearance of buildings and many others. Due to the fact that the wooden glazing of loggias is associated with the use of natural materials, such double-glazed windows allow you to ensure optimal atmospheric circulation and the required level of humidity in the room. The tree has an aesthetic appearance and fits perfectly into any interior. Such windows are perfect for lovers of classics.

Aluminum glazing of loggias
Another type of double-glazed windows used for glazing loggias is an aluminum profile. It is a lightweight and economical material with which you can equip the structure not only with swing or fanlight, but also with sliding doors. They can significantly save usable space in the room, which is very important for loggias, taking into account their, as a rule, small footage.

Plastic glazing of loggias
Window profiles based on metal-plastic are among the most commonly used. Due to the fact that their design includes several air chambers, they provide the most reliable thermal insulation of premises. This type of double-glazed windows is the best option for glazing loggias in situations where there is a need to provide additional protection from external weather conditions.

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