The main forms of training in the centers for advanced training and retraining

The main forms of training in the centers for advanced training and retraining

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The main forms of training in the centers for advanced training and retraining

Today, everyone knows that secondary education is not enough to make a brilliant career. The specialists and organizations where they work are interested in professional development. Employees are interested in moving up the career ladder, and enterprises are interested in reliable employees. Improving knowledge and skills allows the use of new technologies and new production systems.

Professional development in training centers

Employees carry out advanced training every five years. The company draws up the qualification schedule individually for each of its employees. The employer aims to update and deepen practical (as well as theoretical) knowledge and skills.

The duration of the training process is measured in hours. Training in accordance with ISO standards is: short-term, training through thematic and problematic seminars and long-term.

Short term training. Duration not less than 72 hours. During this time, issues of specific production are being considered. Such a training course is carried out at the employee's workplace, and the end, as a rule, is the passing of an exam or the defense of an abstract.
Seminars last from 72 to 100 hours. At the seminar, problems of a different nature (for example, technical, technological, social, etc.) are considered, problems in the solution of which this enterprise or this region is interested.
Long-term training is carried out by the Center for Advanced Studies. The duration of the training process is over 100 hours. Employees study a number of topical issues in which they are interested in the nature of their work.

Retraining of employees of enterprises

The retraining is carried out on the basis of the acquired profession and takes place as soon as possible. Professional retraining is divided into obtaining a new qualification and deepening knowledge to change the type of professional activity.

Obtaining a new qualification has a duration of over 1000 hours. The deepening of knowledge takes 500 hours.

A person with a higher or secondary vocational education can be retrained. After the entire course of study, the student undergoes GIA (state final certification) and receives a state diploma.

The company provides the development of personnel skills with its own funds, since personnel are the most important resource of the company, which generates income. From the point of view of the company, this is a profitable investment, and for specialists, it is an opportunity to improve their standard of living by improving their professional suitability.

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