About tire fitting

About tire fitting

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About tire fitting

Every car owner knows that sooner or later any vehicle needs a tire fitting, the technology of which does not stand still, constantly improving and developing.

Today there are technologies in which the work with tires occurs not only with high quality, but also in the shortest possible time. Also, several new ones have been added to the standard wheel care functions.
For example, tire fitting of a passenger car includes services such as: installing and removing wheels, rearranging, dismantling tires, repairing tubes, washing, installing harnesses and anchors, as well as pumping with ozone and checking the pressure.
The high-class equipment offered by the tire fitting shop allows these operations to be carried out with high precision and reliability, which at the end gives the tires an increased service life. Also, in such workshops, competent workers work, whose solid experience will make it easy to notice and eliminate all problems.

But do not think that tire fitting can save you from any troubles, any misfortunes. It is necessary to regularly and independently monitor the tires, providing them with proper conditions and care.

For example, a simple rule of thumb not to drive fast on rough roads can significantly extend the life of your wheels. Using a pressure gauge, you can monitor and maintain the desired pressure.

Pay special attention to driving over rails or other obstacles that could harm your vehicle. Also, you should not ride on winter tires in the warm season (spring or summer), and on summer tires, respectively, on the contrary.

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