Wall mounted gas heating boilers

Wall mounted gas heating boilers

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Wall mounted gas heating boilers

Wall-mounted gas heating boilers do not really have a very big history, but they have already in the full sense of the word managed to capture a separate segment of the market. The ideal ratio of the price of products and the quality of their performance characterize this type of heating devices exclusively from the positive side. Despite equipping wall-mounted boilers with advanced technologies of recent years, their cost is much more affordable than gas floor-standing boilers.

In order to determine the model of a gas boiler for each individual case, first of all, you need to have information about the area of ​​the heated room.

Wall-hung gas boilers, depending on how the gases are removed, can be made with forced or natural draft. In the case of natural draft, it is created thanks to the chimney, while forced draft implies the use of a built-in fan. A forced draft boiler is usually installed in apartments where, as usual, there are no traditional stationary chimneys. In the event of a gas boiler breakdown, repairs should be trusted only by reliable companies such as Lengaz St. Petersburg, whose official website can be found on the Internet.

Wall-mounted boilers are classified according to the type of ignition: electric and piezo ignition. The first option is considered to be more economical, due to the absence of an igniter, in the second, the flame burns constantly.

Also, the boilers in question can be equipped with a conventional and modulating burner. The second allows you to maintain a more economical mode of operation, thanks to automatic power control. By means of a modulating burner, a constant hot water temperature can be maintained, which ensures maximum comfort in DHW mode.
The main positive characteristic of wall-mounted boilers is the arrangement and compact dimensions. Thanks to this, it is possible to quite easily pick up one or another design idea, without unnecessary hesitation about choosing a place to place the boiler.

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