Children need music

Children need music

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Children need music

Every parent is aware of the impact of good music and children's songs on children. And it is not at all necessary to graduate from music schools and conservatories, because the main thing is to listen, understand and feel. From birth, we are surrounded by musical rhythms and melodies, many mothers, being in a position, are already beginning to accustom their future baby to beauty, listening to specially selected classical music and children's songs. Probably everyone knows at least a verse from a children's lullaby that my mother sang while rocking in her arms. These notes are deposited in the subconscious and throughout life are the basis for the perception of sounds and melodies.

The influence of music on children is confirmed by scientists, child psychiatrists and neuropathologists. Classical music especially affects the psyche and character of the child. Under the influence of the necessary compositions, speech and intellectual development begins more actively, imagination develops and the psychological background normalizes. For hyperactive children, this is just medicine, such a child becomes less aggressive and calmer.
Scientists especially noticed the influence of Mozart's musical compositions on children, there is even such a term "Mozart effect". Mozart's works act on the development of intelligence, thinking and assimilation of information. But you need to listen not only to this composer. Many famous composers such as Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, Liszt, Aginsky, Prokofiev have no less necessary influence. It is best to download music on the Internet and have a collection of music from different composers.

Learning to listen, understand and feel music is necessary for every child, and it is doubly useful for parents to attract a child to music lessons. In the classroom, fine motor skills, hearing development, coordination of movements, respiratory function and vocal apparatus develop. Agree that such a set of useful skills is necessary for our children, especially if they have problems with speech or perception.

Music therapy is able to work wonders and is accepted for various mental deviations, a great role for the classics is attributed to the correction and treatment of withdrawal, various phobias, communication problems, and so on. When choosing the right composition, the child's condition, his mood and psycho-emotional level are taken into account. So for a hyperactive kid, it is better to use melodic and quiet symphonies, but on the contrary, a calm and indecisive one needs an active polka or a rhythmic march.
Play classical music for children more often, sing children's songs together and then your children will surprise you with their developed intellect and delight you with a healthy psyche!

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