MRI machine: which is better for examination

MRI machine: which is better for examination

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MRI machine: which is better for examination

MRI is now a perfect method for diagnosing various diseases of soft tissues, internal organs, blood vessels, arteries and human skeleton. Magnetic resonance imaging is used to identify foci and sizes of tumors (benign and malignant), places and types of fractures, arthrosis, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, intervertebral hernias, protrusions, developmental anomalies, etc. The list of indications for tomography is very long:

examination of the brain, pituitary gland and the state of the cranium: blood vessels, blood filling, foci of hemorrhage in stroke, the presence of blood clots, and also tumors are studied;
MRI of the spinal cord, spine (here they look for hernias, pathologies as a result of injuries or infections, developmental anomalies);
tomography of the neck (soft tissues, blood vessels, organs of the larynx);
examination of the joints of the limbs;
MRI of organs in the small pelvis, abdominal cavity.

In all these points there are sub-points, of which there are much more, since when examining parts of the human body it is possible to study in detail the state of the tissues of almost all internal organs, bone structures, vessels, joints.

What MRI are effective
At this time, MRI recording is carried out in almost all Russian settlements. But not every city has high-field tomographs, which are now the most effective. However, examination on advanced tomographs is expensive, as the owners of the equipment strive to recoup it faster and also to earn money for its maintenance. But for scanning on ultra-low-field or low-field and even medium-field, it is quite normal to take from patients, so less wealthy patients can also afford such an examination.

But here the question arises: save money and get a less accurate result, or fork out to be sure of a 100% diagnosis. Of course, this issue is resolved only if there is a choice of which MRI machine to use in kaluga. After all, not every city has several of them; in some settlements there is generally outdated equipment. If there is a choice, then patients have the right to undergo examination on the type of tomograph that suits them best.

And here are some tips. The first advice: it is not necessary to strive to get exactly to the high-field apparatus if it is necessary to examine, for example, blood vessels using contrast. Low-field MRI will do an excellent job of examining the state of blood vessels, while the patient will pay much less than an advanced device. But it is better to scan brain tissue with a more accurate apparatus. He "sees" the anomalies better, the picture is sharper, more effective, especially since the radiologist can observe the work of blood flow in the vessels in real time.

Second tip: before making an appointment for an MRI, it is better to get the help of a good specialist who is best versed in this technology. He will tell you when you can get by with a low-field tomograph, when it is still worth signing up for a high-field one.

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