Fashionable women's pants

Fashionable women's pants

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Fashionable women's pants

For the first time, women's trousers became fashionable under Paul Poiret. He was the first fashion creator to offer harem pants to ladies under the influence of Russian ballet. Later, both Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli worked hard to make pants of any length and style more popular among women.

After the appearance of jeans, the situation changed. Every modern woman wanted to have such a piece of clothing in her wardrobe. Trousers have become fashionable in sports, tourism, work specialties, and everyday life. It was a breakthrough.
In the 21st century, the popularity of trousers is at its peak. Now it is almost impossible to imagine a woman's wardrobe without a single pair of trousers. Depending on the occasion, they are chosen for sports, everyday life, as an elegant addition to an evening dress.

2017 brought its changes to the fashion element. This affected the trousers in the first place. The main change was the upward shift in the waist level. The return to this style came at an opportune moment, because what, no matter how considerable the length of the trousers, visually lengthens the silhouette and slims it? And in this case we are talking about an additional ten, and maybe more centimeters!

The age-old problem of women of fashion about the width of galoshes is solved quite democratic. It makes sense to take everything that you like to wear and that pleases with its shape of the eyes. In this situation, the designers came up with a practical approach to the choice of cut. Trousers narrowed to the bottom, straight, tight, loose, wide, with a flare from the hip, trousers with cuffs on the shins, with a wrap, cropped, cargo trousers, jockey and, undoubtedly, classic. You can also choose the material for every taste - from heavy suiting to soft flannel or thick knitwear. Leather pants are also welcome along with shiny fabrics.
As for the color scheme, it is preferable to choose bright colored and patterned fabrics. Designers advise not to pass by printed models, options with patterns and rainbow gradients. Checkered trousers are still popular. Classic colors are also in fashion: black, chocolate, white, gray, olive.

Choosing trendy pants this year is easy. It is worth showing just a little effort and imagination. The main thing to remember is that any fashionable thing should first of all suit you in style, emphasize your figure, be pleasant and comfortable to wear. Good luck!

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