Myths and reality of studying abroad

Myths and reality of studying abroad

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Myths and reality of studying abroad

Studying abroad has recently become more and more popular. Given the fierce competition in the domestic labor market and the very high demands of employers, it is not surprising that many students and even schoolchildren begin to think about studying outside their home country. As the health blog notes, unfortunately, there are so many myths surrounding foreign education that young people are like a child in a magician's show: they simply don’t know what they really have to face.

The most common misconception is that only specially gifted students can go abroad. This is far from true, because in foreign educational institutions it is full of those who study exclusively thanks to the money of their parents.

When entering many foreign universities, sometimes even grades in your diploma do not play a decisive role, since there is a wary attitude towards our education.

Much more problems often cause direct paperwork. But before you understand everything yourself, study the information on specialized sites. The more information you get, the easier it will be to make a decision and build an algorithm of actions.

In addition, everyone stubbornly believes that studying abroad is "terribly expensive." And this is not entirely true. Indeed, studying at English, French, American, Swiss, and other institutions may seem expensive, but that’s only until you compare it with education in the same Kiev. Note that the comparison will not be in favor of the latter! And food in most European countries is no more expensive. Considering that the quality of food there is much better, you certainly will not die of hunger.

And finally. As for the foreign language, then everything is somewhat more complicated.

Again, one often hears that it’s only worth being enrolled in the institute, and somehow with the language itself ... Indeed, many European institutes do not particularly emphasize the knowledge of the language: it is assumed that the student already knows it. And training will go in the same German, for example, regardless of your abilities.

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