Forestry tools and equipment

Forestry tools and equipment

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Forestry tools and equipment

Woodworking plays an important role in the industrial complex. In parallel with the development of the industry, the improvement of forestry equipment is taking place. Logging operations are carried out by a large number of enterprises located throughout the country.

The main criterion for choosing logging equipment is the method according to which logging work will be carried out.

When using the whiplining method of logging, it is considered expedient to use feller bunchers, skidders, and various delimbing devices.

The task of the feller buncher is to cut down and provide directional felling of the tree, stacking bundles for skidding; the purpose of the delimbing machine is to delimb and cut the crowns.

If the dimensions of the trunk make transportation impossible, you can saw them apart using a reciprocating saw. A shredder crusher will help to dispose of felling residues.

Timber processing according to the cut-to-length method takes place using harvesters and forwarders. The first of them are multifunctional machines that are equally often used for felling trees, their subsequent sawing, pruning of crowns and branches, bucking and bundling of assortments.

Forwarders are self-loading machines designed to collect, sort and transport timber to their destination.

With both machines, the same amount of work can be done that would require 80 people. The efficiency of logging reaches 12 cubic meters per hour.

The advantages of this technique are the lack of reference to weather conditions, temperature indicators and soil types.

When harvesting wood according to the Scandinavian method, it is pleasant to use skidders - machines designed for collecting and transporting assortments, which, unlike forwarders, are not equipped with a load trolley.

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