What crushed stone is used for drainage

What crushed stone is used for drainage

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What crushed stone is used for drainage

A well-designed and properly functioning drainage system should regulate groundwater, namely their level, thus protecting buildings from the destructive action of moisture, counteracts the leaching of the fertile layer, and improves plant growth. Drainage is necessary for backyard or garden plots that are located on low-permeability, heavy clay soils, or for areas where there is no natural runoff of water. Before designing landscape design, it is recommended to thoroughly think about the use of a drainage system, otherwise the costly costs of upgrading and landscaping the site can fly into the chimney.

Drainage system diagram

The best time to design a drainage system for a land plot is considered to be early spring, as well as periods of floods and autumn during prolonged rains. After analyzing the observations, you can start calculating the depth and width of the drainage system, not forgetting about the choice of materials for its manufacture. An important element of drainage is crushed stone, therefore, before buying crushed stone in a gratifying one, it is necessary to determine in advance its type and fraction.

Existing types of rubble

Granite. The best crushed stone for drainage, as it is strong and hard, frost-resistant and durable. It can be used for forty years or more. But the most expensive one. Granite has a radioactive background. Buying granite crushed stone, you must familiarize yourself with the documents confirming its compliance with the 1st class of radioactivity, and that it is safe for humans and suitable for use in construction in residential areas. With good income, it is recommended to stop at this option. If not, there are other alternatives.

Gravel. Has a very low background of radioactivity. Much cheaper compared to granite with comparable parameters of flakiness and bulk density, but it is not as durable. There are two varieties: natural round-shaped stone and chipped, which is mined mechanically by crushing large rocks. At roughly the same price, crushed gravel should be preferred over gravel. Due to the fact that gravel has a smooth surface, and crushed stone has sharp corners and edges, with the help of which dirt is better retained, which prevents siltation. We must not forget about the dense, correct laying of crushed gravel.

Dolomite. Comparing it with previous types of crushed stone, it differs in a lower price. It has zero radioactivity, is environmentally friendly and therefore safe for health. This type of crushed stone is less strong and durable. The service life is approximately fifteen years. Can be used on dry, poorly freezing areas.

After assessing your financial capabilities and the cost of crushed stone in your region, you just have to make a choice which crushed stone to choose.

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