What difficulties can arise when setting up an LLC?

What difficulties can arise when setting up an LLC?

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What difficulties can arise when setting up an LLC?

The business must be legal, therefore, in order to organize it, it is necessary to register the form of ownership. The most common form for companies is LLC. Unlike an individual entrepreneur, where the owner is responsible for his personal property, in an LLC the participants are responsible only for their shares in the authorized capital.

Setting up an LLC is actually not difficult, but there are many nuances to consider during the process. In order to avoid mistakes, the registration of an LLC should be carried out with the participation of competent specialists. What is their task? They will advise, accept documents from the founders and prepare all the necessary papers. It is worth noting that the registration of an LLC costs little, while the work performed by specialists greatly simplifies the whole process.

And so, how to establish an LLC? In general, you can get an LLC in three ways:

acquire an operating company,
independently create an LLC,
pay for services to specialists and calmly do business.

The self-filing option is extremely difficult for those who have not created an LLC before. The best option is the help of a company that specializes in registration of forms of ownership.

When creating an LLC, the key points are the authorized capital and legal address. The authorized capital is the amount that the founders contribute at the registration stage. Subsequently, each participant receives a share in the company in accordance with the amount contributed. The legal address must be real. Usually this is an office, production facility.
The place of residence of the founder can also serve as the legal address, but in this case additional difficulties arise. It is highly discouraged to buy ready-made bogus addresses. Other companies can be registered on them. It is necessary to check this in advance. On average, registration of an LLC takes about a week.

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