How to choose the best workwear

How to choose the best workwear

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How to choose the best workwear

If you recently bought a dacha or acquired a personal plot, you will soon want to improve your place of stay. How pleasant it is to go out into the garden on a summer morning and admire the actually grown flowers, vegetables, fruits, and then it is doubly more pleasant to taste the fruits of your labor.

You can, of course, do all the work in old shorts and a T-shirt, but they will not protect you from bruises, bruises, and old sneakers will not save your legs from sprains and sprains. And if you watch your hands, then you cannot do without gloves.

Modern workwear
What kind of uniform is needed for summer cottage work, which is offered to us by workwear shops in St. Petersburg? Both women and men, first of all, need a comfortable jumpsuit made of durable natural fabric. It will protect you from rose and raspberry thorns, twigs and twigs, as well as nettles. When choosing a jumpsuit, you need to remember that in the cold season you will have to wear a sweater, which means that it should be loose enough. A man's shirt made of natural fabric with long sleeves will go well with the jumpsuit. In windy weather, a windproof jacket will help, which can be either insulated or thin.

Particular attention should be paid to gloves. When working with wet soil, rubber gloves are used, for tree care - rubberized gloves on a fabric basis. If the palms are reinforced with latex, the gloves will be more durable. For everyday work, ordinary knitted gloves with a PVC dot are quite suitable, i.e. "Gloves with pimples".

As footwear, it is better to choose boots or low shoes with high lacing to protect the legs from dislocation. The high sole with a protector will prevent the foot from slipping. Well-made shoes will keep your feet warm, preventing moisture from getting inside.

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