How to choose a coffee machine?

How to choose a coffee machine?

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How to choose a coffee machine?

Millions of people cannot imagine a good morning without a cup of strong invigorating coffee. This aromatic drink is truly hugely popular all over the world. According to statistics, every day the inhabitants of our planet drink over two billion cups of coffee. Avid coffee lovers bring unprecedented profits to restaurants and cafeterias, where this aromatic drink is prepared. According to statistics, the profitability of coffee is comparable to the income received from the sale of weapons, drugs and petroleum products. In view of this, it is not surprising that many enterprising businessmen are willing to open their own coffee shop.

Competent choice of coffee machine

The main problem that every person who wants to include coffee in the menu of his restaurant or cafeteria encounters is the right choice of a coffee machine. The quality and taste of the prepared drink depends on the technical characteristics of this apparatus.

There are several main criteria for choosing a coffee machine:

Reliability. A professional coffee machine must have a high-quality filter for the coffee machine and high build quality, be durable and withstand serious loads. When buying this device, it is important to pay attention to the warranty period provided by manufacturers, focusing on time-tested brands.
Performance. This criterion reflects the limit on the number of cups of coffee that the coffee machine can prepare in one day. The performance of professional devices ranges from thirty to two hundred h / d.
Ease of use. Fully automatic coffee machines are the easiest to use. When using them, all actions for preparing coffee are reduced to pressing a few buttons.
Functionality. This quality is one of the most important for professional coffee machines. Currently, there are both economical models of machines that prepare exclusively black coffee, and more expensive ones, equipped with a specially cappuccino system. Many coffee machines have additional options, such as a heating platform for cups, a choice of coffee dosage, a quick steam function, etc.
Price. Its level largely depends on the degree of functionality of the device. The cost of professional coffee machines ranges from several tens to several hundred rubles.

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