How to choose a bathroom door?

How to choose a bathroom door?

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How to choose a bathroom door?

The bathroom is a place where design and functionality of the chosen solutions must go hand in hand. This does not apply to the choice of not only plumbing or furniture. These criteria should also be followed when looking for the ideal interior doors. Their role is not limited to decorative functions only. In addition to aesthetics, safety and functionality are important, compliance with fire safety regulations. One of them is the presence of ventilation holes to ensure proper air circulation. Today it is possible to find suitable doors for all owners of both standard apartments and premium apartments and private houses.

What to consider when choosing a bathroom door?

The issue of ensuring circulation in a room can be solved in different ways. This can be, for example, special profiled ventilation slots on the lower edge of the sash, as a result of which a narrow gap is formed and free air exchange is ensured. Other ways to maintain optimal conditions in the bathroom include ventilation grilles, that is, round eyelets located at the bottom of the door. Choose the option that best suits the interior of the room.

It is also important that the door to the bathroom - especially the small one - opens outward and is at least 0.8 m wide. This requirement is regulated by legislation and directly affects the safety of family members. This design will greatly simplify access to the room if the person inside loses consciousness or feels unwell. This will also allow you to gain extra space and not block access to cabinets or shelves inside.
Another dilemma associated with the choice of interior doors to the bathroom is to choose a model with or without glazing. If the lack of light is not a problem due to the window in the room, you can choose blank canvases. These doors will provide a sense of privacy and intimacy.

If the interior is without windows, it can be illuminated by choosing a model with glass or plastic inserts. Opaque inserts will preserve intimacy, while at the same time letting in some light, making the bathroom look brighter and optically larger.

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