How to choose children's skates

How to choose children's skates

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How to choose children's skates

The onset of the winter season often coincides with the widespread opening of skating rinks. And most children, having tried this sport at least once, persuade their parents to buy their own skates.

It is possible to start the first steps in mastering ice skating from 4-5 years old, but sometimes such a desire may appear even in three-year-olds. And it is necessary to choose children's skates very carefully in order to avoid injury.

Types of skates

First, decide on their appearance. Fitness skates are the most popular and feature a retractable boot. Curly skating rinks are more suitable for specialized ice rinks, on which the child can easily embody any figures. Hockey is more suitable for professional skaters and skaters.

It is not recommended to buy this specific footwear on the “growth” principle, especially for beginners. The maximum discrepancy is half the size. Otherwise, it is unlikely that it will be possible to do without injuries. Although, if you plan on wearing warm socks or multiple pairs, this is okay.

Materials and nuances

Either plastic or leather is used as the material for the boots. The first one is better in terms of fixation and prevention of dislocations, the second differs in that it “breathes” well and also retains heat. For a beginner, curly professional leather skates with a plastic nose will be the most suitable.

Make sure to check the children's option for the presence of special pads that help prevent traumatic moments for the ankle and an inflated tongue that fixes the leg well. In branded children's skates, the presence of an instep support, repeating the outlines of the leg, is also required.

The blade is preferably selected from stainless steel without rust, cracks and deformation. The matte version is more convenient for riding.


The first step is to select several acceptable models that meet these recommendations. Then it is the turn of the fitting. Do not forget to grab the socks that you plan to put under your skates in the future. Lace the boot a little looser in the toe area, also loosen a little near the upper hooks. After the shoe sits on the leg, you should ask the baby to stand up to test for the comfort of the shoe. The heel must be in place, and the leg must not be squeezed or twisted.

If, after the test dressing, there is no discomfort, then consider that a suitable pair has been found, and after payment you can safely go to master the rink.

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