How men experience a divorce

How men experience a divorce

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How men experience a divorce

At the moment, the disintegration of the family is quite a frequent phenomenon. According to statistics, every third marriage breaks down for various reasons. Often, the initiator of the divorce are women because of their emotionality. Men, unlike them, are more emotionally restrained, therefore they are less likely to file for divorce.

It is believed that because of her temperament, a woman experiences parting more difficult than a man. But according to psychologists, men are experiencing no less, even from the outside, and it seems that they are calm.

Most women after a divorce fall into a deep depression, in some cases, requiring the assistance of a specialist. They are less likely to re-marry, fearing again “burn”. Men, by contrast, rarely feel guilty when a family breaks up. In 50% of cases, they re-create a family in the first three to four years after the divorce. Mostly men warmly remember their first wives, remembering only the best moments of their life together.

Despite the seeming calm, many men suffer painful separation. Depression usually occurs two to three months after a divorce. When freedom bothers, and in return for euphoria, reality comes. He becomes aware of what happened, there is a sense of guilt and loneliness. No one else to share your feelings, joy or grief, talk and consult. No one meets from work and does not prepare dinner. The role of the wife as a psychotherapist has been lost forever. A friend can not give what the wife gave, because the relationship is not so close and emotional. In such a relationship there is no unity, kinship of souls and integrity.

This condition can lead a man to alcoholism, loss of interest in work, sex and life in general. The existing opinion in society that a man should always be strong and resilient, adversely affects his reaction in various life situations.

A man keeps all the experiences in himself, accumulating negative, which later "eats" him from the inside. Against this background, depression is much more painful than women, who can emotionally throw everything out. In such cases, the support of relatives and friends is invaluable.

Before you get a divorce, weigh all the pros and cons of a divorce, try to find a compromise. You should not ruin a family in an emotional outburst, because there are no hopeless situations. Respect yourself and your sweetheart, appreciate each other.

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