The use of blinds in interiors

The use of blinds in interiors

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The use of blinds in interiors

Until recently, blinds were most often found in hot countries, in which it is difficult to imagine life without them. Now blinds are becoming more widespread all over the world. The main task of blinds is protection from the scorching sun, however, at the same time, their widespread use is due to the almost limitless possibilities of their use in interior decoration. Despite the fact that in Russian conditions the main functional quality of blinds is not as much in demand as in southern countries, this does not at all hinder the geography of their distribution. With the help of blinds, modern designers can give uniqueness to interiors by creating new forms, mixing styles, using various materials and designs.

Blinds, as a rule, are vertical, roller and horizontal. Roller blinds are also often referred to as roller blinds. In addition, protective blinds - roller shutters - are also separately distinguished. The main structural material of the overwhelming majority of blinds are strips of material - the so-called lamellas. The use of lamellas in combination with a mechanism responsible for adjusting their inclination and departure provides effective protection from sunlight.

Currently, the most widespread are vertical blinds, made of plastic or aluminum, due to their practicality, durability and ease of use. Their main consumer properties are also low exposure to sunlight, good ability to hold their shape and not bend during operation.

Fabric blinds are more fragile and less resistant to temperature changes, which in turn are able to give the interior an individual style, which is much more difficult to achieve with the help of "standard" blinds. Wide possibilities for the use of fabric blinds in interior design and ensure their popularity. Fabric lamellas differ in color, texture and density, the main requirement for them is impeccable workmanship from materials pre-impregnated with antistatic and dust-repellent compounds. Compliance with this recommendation will ensure their long-term use. Most often, fabric blinds are made of polyester - a material whose main property is low susceptibility to fading in bright sunlight. Fabric blinds can be used both as a separate element of window decoration and as an addition to previously created compositions.

Wood blinds are also in demand. As a rule, they are based on light and strong species, for example, cork and canadian linden, which have undergone special treatment. Their main advantages are environmental friendliness, naturalness and durability. Bamboo blinds, which are most often used in the design of offices, living rooms and other rooms in which wooden surfaces look most harmonious, can give the interior an expensive and prestigious look.

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