Kiev hotels and myths about inexpensive hotels

Kiev hotels and myths about inexpensive hotels

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Kiev hotels and myths about inexpensive hotels

Everyone who comes to the capital, both for the purpose of a business trip and for tourism, thinks about which inexpensive hotel near Kiev is suitable for a comfortable stay. And everyone strives to do this with the maximum number of necessary services and at the lowest cost. The practice of specialists from the hotel business shows that echoes of the old stereotypes that stay in cheap hotels is unacceptable have come down to our days. And very many such hotels are rejected only on the basis of principle and prejudice. Although, today the service of cheap hotels is at a sufficient level. And given their cost, it is worth considering some of the most common myths about such inexpensive hotels.

Budget hotel myths
The first myth says that all cheap hotels in the capital are located on the farthest outskirts. In order to dispel this statement, it is enough to simply visit the websites of tour operators and inquire about the addresses of such hotels, it turns out that many of them are located within the Okruzhnaya.
The second myth says that staying in such hotels is dangerous. Where such a judgment came from is difficult to say, perhaps from foreign films, it is worth remembering that this is not New York or Brooklyn motels. From time immemorial, seconded people stayed in cheap hotels, who for the most part are distinguished by their accuracy and decency.
The third myth claims that inexpensive hotels are always very noisy, as they are preferred mainly by young people who do not know the boundaries of day and night. Here it will be appropriate to remember that all hotels have rules, and they are prescribed to all guests, regardless of age or position.
The fourth myth is the most widespread and says that a cheap hotel is always full of cockroaches, bugs and dirt. But firstly, even cheap hotels are not interested in scaring away customers, and secondly, sanitary services and other regulatory bodies very strictly monitor hygiene in hotels of all categories, and two-star hotels are no exception.
The fifth myth is related to comfort, and claims that the living conditions and interior leave much to be desired, as well as the correctness and friendliness of the staff. But here it would be appropriate to say that in inexpensive hotels the administration just strives to create the most comfortable and homely conditions. Mini-hotels in Kiev and their popularity, both among our fellow citizens and from foreign tourists, serve as a special confirmation of this.

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