Finland - a country of reserves

Finland - a country of reserves

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Finland - a country of reserves

If you are tired of traveling to the same southern resorts, you do not have enough new experiences, it is worth visiting Finland. There are few historical monuments in this country, but you can endlessly admire the stunningly beautiful local nature.

Finland is always open for tourists. In winter, ski resorts operate here, trips to Santa Claus, who lives in a cozy Lapland house, are organized, and, as the construction blog notes, a magnificent ice castle is built in Kemi every year, where you can try to spend the night covered in reindeer skins. If you decide to buy tours to Finland in the summer, be sure to visit the zoo with Arctic animals in the city of Ranua. In August, the season of fairs begins, where fresh cloudberries are sold.

Finland has two official languages: Finnish and Swedish, so inscriptions in public places are also duplicated in Swedish, and it is advisable for foreign tourists to learn the most common local expressions and buy a dictionary before traveling. The Scandinavian languages ​​are original, so without preparation, not a single European can guess what is written on the menu or on the index.

The northerners lived apart for a long time from other states and developed a peculiar view of the artistic culture and design. Local shops sell a lot of intricate interior decorations and toys, hand-sewn from scraps of leather. Finland is considered one of the leaders in the glass industry, here you can buy dishes of the most unusual shapes and sizes. The largest souvenir shops are located in the center of Helsinki, on the Market Square. If you decide to combine holidays in Finland with shopping, keep in mind that almost all stores are open only until 17:00, and Sunday is a day off.

Tourism is very developed in Finland, so the food in local cafes is aimed at foreigners, but the menu will certainly have at least 2-3 national dishes. Be sure to try the local salted or smoked fish. For exotic lovers, you can recommend a dish called “atolohko” made from fish mixed with several types of meat.

To prevent a vacation in Finland with children not clouded by conflicts with the police, be careful when traveling out of town. In this country, it is forbidden to litter in the forest, break off branches from growing trees, ravage bird nests and pester reindeer with free attention, freely moving along the tundra. Bonfires can be made only in places specially designated for picnics.

The Scandinavians are laconic, but friendly, love to receive guests. People who even once traveled to Finland speak very warmly about this country. There are so many interesting things that even the often changing weather will not be able to spoil the mood.

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