Engine diagnostics

Engine diagnostics

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Engine diagnostics

Even a person who is not at all versed in the device of a car knows well that if a malfunction is not detected in time, then subsequently there may be significant repair costs. Therefore, timely diagnostics of an automobile engine is a very important point in the operation of a vehicle. And to diagnose problems, it is not at all necessary to have professional training or to constantly take the car to the station.

How is engine diagnosed
Surface diagnostics of the traction unit can be carried out independently, but here you need to know some basic rules. And, also, do not forget that with all the variety of car brands, the usual scheme for describing the engine device does not always give the desired result. Therefore, when performing self-diagnosis, this fact must be taken into account. Engine diagnostics is best done by specialists, without independent intervention. This procedure is carried out, including when a diagnostic card is required, vehicle inspection.

The simplest method of diagnosing the motor assumes the following: the engine warmed up to 85 degrees should be listened to with a phonendoscope. It is necessary to touch the device rod to the engine at several points. If a knocking is heard in the area of ​​the extreme positions of the engine piston pins, this may be evidence of an increase in the clearances in the connecting rod bearings.

If knocking is heard at the bottom of the engine when the RPM is rapidly changing, then the main bearing clearances are most likely the cause. Carrying out superficial diagnostics, you should pay special attention to the control lamp, which acts as an oil pressure indicator. If the light is on for a long time, then an urgent need to check the oil level.

A foreign smell in the passenger compartment may be an indication of a malfunctioning battery, if it is an acid smell. The smell of gasoline indicates a leak through the fuel tank drain or a leak in the fuel line.

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