What you need to know when buying floor scales?

What you need to know when buying floor scales?

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What you need to know when buying floor scales?

Modern technology is making huge strides forward, and if, for example, you need to buy a vacuum cleaner, a hair dryer or an electric kettle, then literally in any specialized outlet you will be offered a variety of models at a cost. However, we will turn our attention to a group of products that are also necessary for the health of literally any person, namely, floor scales.

And here we have a truly limitless choice - a variety of floor, mechanical and electronic models, each of which differs in its price, manufacturer and, of course, functions. However, there are a number of rules that you need to know before buying floor scales, so let's consider some of them using the example of electronic scales with modern parameters that can not only determine weight, but also analyze the state of the body.
So, you need to know that for children who are not yet ten years old, measuring the content of fat and water will not give objective information about the state of the body now. Also know that pregnant women should not use such weight models.

If you have an implanted pacemaker or other implanted medical devices, then use the device only when it is in weighing mode, otherwise even a slight electrical signal that the scale sends will interfere with how the pacemaker or other implanted equipment is currently working. . We explain that this signal is required to measure the resistance of the body. Now consider the question of how you can get the most accurate results, weighing on any scale.

Make it a rule to get up on them every day at the same time, and in addition, in the same conditions. Best of all - after three hours, after you have eaten or exercised. Also be aware that taking a variety of medications, bathing or showering can affect how accurate the readings of the electronic floor scales will be. Mechanical models are not sensitive to these subtleties.

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