What is plasma cutting

What is plasma cutting

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What is plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is a method of influencing a material in which the main tool is a stream of high temperature ionized gas that conducts electric current. Plasma machines are used for cutting pipes and thin sheet metal, complex art cutting and hole making.

What is plasma
Plasma was discovered in 1879, but received its name only in 1928. It is considered the fourth aggregate state of matter and is widespread in the universe. For example, all stars are made up of plasma.

Plasma cutting is performed on different equipment, but the principle of the appearance of a plasma arc is the same. An electric current is passed through a gas at high pressure. It is ionized, the temperature rises instantly, the volume increases and a plasma is formed with a temperature from 5000 to 30000 ° C. The surface under the torch melts pointwise, and the melt is blown out, creating a cut line. Gas is selected depending on the surface to be treated. For example, a nitrogen atmosphere is preferable for the treatment of copper and aluminum, while an oxygen environment is preferred for mild steel.

Practically any metals and their alloys lend themselves to plasma cutting. It is safer than gas, has a very high accuracy of material processing, high speed and has no restrictions on the geometric configuration of the section. In addition, plasma cutting can be performed not only using high-precision stationary CNC machines, but also manually.

And this technology is not only suitable for metal. It can be successfully used for cutting concrete or stone.

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