Svirzh Castle Excursion, Lviv, Ukraine

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Svirzh castle excursion

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Svirzh Castle Excursion, Lviv, Ukraine

This is a short one day trip for those who have not got many time, but still have the possibility to visit old castles located not far from Lviv city. On your way to Svirzh castle you will visit also Stare selo and Piatnychany villages. Stare selo (Old village) is really very old as its castle is the oldiest in Lviv region. First memory about this village is dated back to the XIV century and the main reason why we can still observe the castle is that it has been rebuilt many times after the enemies invasions. Now there are only ruins of the castle left. Next historical place of our trip is Piatnychany village, the highlight of which is the defense tower. It is dated back to XV - XVI centuries and worth visiting. It is stated that for some period of time a monastery had functioned here. The tower was reconstructed in the 1982-1985 years. Now it is the filial of Lviv art gallery. And finally - the last and the most interesting part of our tour is Svirzh castle.

Picturesque Svirzh
Svirzh is a located
on the south of Lviv region on the way to Peremyshliany. Earlier Svirzh was a city and now it is only a big village surrounded by the river of the same name. The region is very lovely like Carpathian mountains in miniature, along the outskirts steep rocks of strange view can be observed. The castle was built by the Svirz princes in XV century and at the second half of XVII century it was rebuilt by Halych chastelain Oleksandr Centner. Square castle has 2 yards: a big one for residence and a small one for farmstead. Both yards are connected with stairs. The south wing of the top yard ends with the sguare three-stepped towers. There is an entry tower on its axis to which the wooden bridge that is hang upon the graff leads. The peculiarity of white stones and ornaments makes the castle one of the most interesting findings of defense architecture. If you are looking for a romantic, quite place, the castle is a very good option - you should definitely come to this place in Ukraine.

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