Churches and Cathedrals in Lviv

Churches and Cathedrals in Lviv, Lviv Churches and Cathedrals, Most Visited Churches, Popular Churches in Lviv, Lviv Churches and Cathedrals

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Churches and Cathedrals

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Churches and Cathedrals in Lviv

0* Cathedral of St. George, Собор Святого Юрия
Cathedral of St. George, Собор Святого Юрия
Location: Ukraine, Lviv

St.George 's Cathedral - chief of the Greek Catholic Cathedral in Lviv. Svyatoyursky cathedral was built in the years 1744-1770. Above the construction of religious buildings the architect Bernard Meretin and Clemens Fesinger. The architecture of the cathedral was a classic example of Baroque architecture.

0* Cathedral of the Dormition of Mary, Собор Успения Марии
Cathedral of the Dormition of Mary, Собор Успения Марии
Location: Ukraine, Lviv

Cathedral of the Dormition of Mary is made of stone, three naves, indoor type, with elongated faceted apse. Its height is 67 meters, width 23 meters. constructively Cathedral resembles a cube, but around the adjusted later many chapels, because of the full amount it has a more complex configuration.

0* Dominican Cathedral, Доминиканский Cобор
Dominican Cathedral, Доминиканский Cобор
Location: Ukraine, Lviv

The Dominican church and monastery in Lviv is one of the most significant monuments of Baroque architecture in the city. The first foundation stone of this majestic structures laid Hetman Jozef Potocki in 1749. Architectural style buildings - the Baroque. The modern name of the Cathedral - Museum the history of religion.

0* Preobrazhenskaya Сhurch, Преображенская церковь
Preobrazhenskaya Сhurch, Преображенская церковь
Location: Ukraine, Lviv

Preobrazhenskaya Сhurch located in the heart of Lviv. Previously, the church called Trinitarsky church. The temple was built in 1731, and in 1898 the church was rebuilt by the architect S. Gavrishkevich and became known as the Church of Transfiguration.

0* The Church of John the Baptist, Костёл Иоанна Крестителя
The Church of John the Baptist, Костёл Иоанна Крестителя
Location: Ukraine, Lviv

Church of St. John the Baptist - is one of the oldest architectural monument of Lviv. The temple was built in 1250 by Prince Lev Danilovich for his wife Constance, daughter of Hungarian king Bela IV. According to archive data church appeared not before the middle of XIV century. Studies have shown, under layers of plaster Gothic, so-called Phillips masonry, characteristic of the XIV-XV centuries.

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