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Attractions in Lviv

0* Castle Svirzh, Замок Свирж
Castle Svirzh, Замок Свирж
Location: Ukraine, Lviv

Svirzh Castle is located in the eponymous village, 40 km from Lvov in the Peremishlyani. The castle was built in 1482, then the settlement had the status of the city, in our days Svirzh - just a big village, through which flows the river Svirzh. Many familiar Svirzhsky locking of the frames of the famous film "The Three Musketeers", is where were shooting this wonderful film.

0* Chapel Boimov, Часовня Боимов
Chapel Boimov, Часовня Боимов
Location: Ukraine, Lviv

Chapel of Boim family - a unique architectural monument of Lviv. Construction of the chapel began in 1609 and lasted for about 7 years. Boim Chapel was built as a tomb for the Boim family. Began construction of George Boim, Lvov merchant and moneylender, and finished by his son Paul-George.

0* Chapel Kampians, Часовня Кампианов
Chapel Kampians, Часовня Кампианов
Location: Ukraine, Lviv

Construction of the Chapel Kampians started in 1619 by Paul Kampians and was completed by his son Martin Kampians. The chapel was built at the north wall of the Latin cathedral. Kampians Chapel - one of the best monuments of Renaissance architecture in Lviv.

0* Opera House, Оперный Театр
Opera House, Оперный Театр
Location: Ukraine, Lviv

Construction of the Lviv Opera House began in 1897 and lasted three years. Above the project construction work famous architect Sigmund Gorgolevsky. Construction costs amounted to 2,4 million Austrian crowns.

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