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Lviv Travel Guide

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Lviv Travel Guide

 Lviv (Russian – Lvov) is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine and living monument with long 7 century history. So it is no wonder that the historic center of Lviv is very preserved and included into the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

 Lviv was founded in the middle of the XIII century by Prince Danylo Halytsky and named after his son Leo. The first mention of Lviv chronicle refers to year 1256.
 Lviv survived more than 30 wars, sieges and fires, but each time it rose from the ruins. In the architecture of the town whimsically mixed different styles and epochs: Gothic and Baroque, Renaissance and Romanesque, Rococo and Empire, modern eclectic, and constructivism. Lviv patrons 16-17 centuries invited talented artists from all over Europe, which created a unique architectural gem.
 Lviv is full of culture & hostorical significance to Ukrainian history. One can find in Lviv the most beautifull architecture in Eastern Europe and it is no wonder that many who visit the city leave with lasting memories & love for Ukraine.
 The population of Lviv is around 850 thousand people.

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